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When I graduated from the North Carolina State School of Design as a landscape architect, my focus was passionately set upon enriching environments and the lives of the people who used them. For nearly 40 years, I worked as a landscape architect and principal of an award-winning firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. Reynolds & Jewell Landscape Architects won national and regional awards for our work on the East Coast, including public gardens, urban plazas, community planning, colleges and universities, and residential estates.

Now, as a fine artist and functional object designer, Sam Reynolds Design is an unexpected second career. In landscape architecture, I work to enhance the practical and functional requirements of a space with an artistic touch. Applying that same curiosity and creative intent to the world of object making has proven to be a constant source of wonder and discovery.  

I have had the good fortune to spend my professional life doing something I love. And even though I still practice as a "gentleman landscape architect,"  I feel especially fortunate to spend my days in my woodshop, creating objects of unique form and function. Hopefully my work continues to enrich lives. I enjoy it immensely and consider it play.

- Sam